We had a bit of a lazy morning today. Last night lasted longer than expected, because hanging out around a campfire cleanses your soul. The comfort of sleeping next to my sweet little dog and my best friend made for a deep sleep. We were all well rested, and ready to get some miles under our tires. The van has acquired some new noises that we had to check out, but it looks like the exhaust leak is coming from a spot that is easily rectified, and the removal of the air-conditioning belt will alleviate the other, so all will be well tomorrow. This van is taking care of us. He is a beast, and I have complete faith in the love he is giving back to me.

I am ashamed to admit it, but I forgot how absolutely beautiful the Oregon coast is. But it is also windy as F! There were numerous times I thought I was going to fly into oncoming traffic today…but being pants shitting scared was a fine trade off for all the mesmerizing terrain. Part way through the trek, we asked about road conditions, and we found out Highway 101 was closed and we would have to back track from California back into Oregon. We were now going to have to miss the Redwoods…Super bummer, but our eyes were rewarded with the Rouge River. The turquoise water was flowing roughly, and the road was winding. It wasn’t the worst detour. We ended up in Cave Junction. I now have a hot toddy in my hand, and my pals are cooking up some curry, and we have the river flowing by outside the window…we will sleep well again tonight.