Day 5 - El Capitan to Erhrenberg

Man, I love it when a plan comes together. There were a few people I was hoping to see while I was on this adventure, and while a couple didn't work out, one that I was truly looking forward too did today.

Trevor is not only my friend. He taught me things about metal work and machining. He was patient and extra kind when he didn't have to be. He made me feel capable of things I was super intimidated to try. Plus, he's super witty, and keeps you on your toes. I adore him. So getting to see him today, as he's settling into his new life in California, was fantastic. We talked about the journeys we're on, and how when you just follow your gut, good things always come to you. We're both on that gut following plan. He is a magical soul, and I'm so thankful I got to see him.

Directly after having that lovely interaction, we began our drive out of L.A. IT WAS TOTAL BULLSHIT. I am honestly confused why people would put themselves through that everyday. I aged 10 years. Accident after accident gave us the red line on the map every 15 minutes. Pair this with the burst of speed you sometimes get where everyone goes 70 past us, and we top out around 55, and my trucker mouth was blazing for 3 hours! We left California with middle fingers in the air, and headed for Arizona. Kelley took the wheel again at nightfall, and battled the wind for well over 2 hours. Keeping this tall orange can on the road isn't easy in regular conditions, and she was a champ. We made it 1 mile into Arizona and called it a night.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna smoke a J and look at the stars...

*The photo of Trevor and I was taken by Kelley*