Day 7 - Sedona

We found ourselves awake at 3:30am due to the distressed barking of a giant yellow lab. After trying to shush him for about 10 minutes, I finally went out to talk to him. He was standing in the middle of the road, just barking into the night. He seemed scared, so I walked over, talking to him quietly, but he scooted away. I tried squatting down with my hand out, and he eventually came over and sniffed me. After that he was all wags and licks! Looking over at the camper I assumed he came from, I could see the door was ajar, but I decided not to investigate in the dark. Instead, we had another little buddy join the crew in the van for the night. He was a polite guest, greeting Clem upon entrance, and then he curled up and went right to sleep. Around 6:30 he awoke, and I let him out and went to see what was going on with his owner. A guy eventually turned up, and seemed truly apologetic for him getting out, but I was still tempted to steal that big cuddly boy! But instead, I went back to bed.

When we finally woke up a couple hours later, we headed for Sedona. Along the way, we spotted a guy in a blue, 60’s era Ford camper van, and we both were waving as we crossed paths. We had heard from a guy we bought jerky from down the road that he had talked to that guy, and he was traveling across the country too! I was really excited to come across him.

Sedona in itself was mainly a shopping mall for the rich, but we could not get over how breathtaking the landscape is…I mean truly awe inspiring. The photos don’t represent how absolutely amazing it is. We decided our best move was to find a happy hour joint with a deck so Little Clem could hang out with us, and we found one with the best view and the most shade. Our waiter was so awesome, and talked us into too many margaritas (like it was tough) and we had a great afternoon. We also popped into the liquor store on the corner and had a chat with a 40 year resident of the town that said he is still in awe of how serene and beautiful it is. Whatever you may believe about the magic of nature, I can tell you, Sedona has the best vibe of anyplace I’ve seen so far. Every person we encountered was peaceful and welcoming. There must be something to getting vitamin D all year long! I almost wish I was a hiker, so I could really get into communing with that spot, but Clem and I are built for the indoors.

We’re set up now for the night a couple hours from the Grand Canyon, and I am so looking forward to that...