Day 4 - Santa Cruz to El Capitan

I wrote a bunch of words down last night to report what happened during our drive yesterday, but all they turned into was a list of facts. Right now, it's 3am, and for once I'm thankful for my old lady bladder because it woke me up and forced me outside to walk under a sky full of the brightest stars, and all I can hear is the wind and the ocean. The ability to get in a vehicle and just drive, for hours and hours, watching the landscape morph from the lush and green, tree-filled Northwest, through a bit of the redwoods and now into this wide open sky and rolling farmland is just perfection. Riding along side my best friend for long stretches without a word, and then both of us noticing the same broken down barn, and simultaneously saying how we love old barns, and realizing it only took a couple days for our brains to become one again, is what I needed this trip to be. Tomorrow holds the promise of seeing another friend that I love so very much, and I hope the stars have aligned themselves to let that happen. Ending the night at a fancy campground topless, drinking cider in a Jacuzzi wasn't too bad either! California has been good to us. I am excited to see what Arizona has to offer next.