Day 8 - Grand Canyon

I'm am going to post way too many photos of the Grand Canyon right now. I can't help it. If you haven't been here, I suggest getting here. I was literally walking around with my mouth open in total awe of the vastness and beauty. It also made me miss my dad horribly. I wanted to call him so bad and talk about all the history in the the stone, and every book I saw about the people that had been trough there I wanted to buy for him. I wish I would have been able to see this with him.

We decided to go back to Flagstaff to camp, because Odin needs a little repair in the morning, and we have to get to the shop at 8am. Kelley is leaving me tomorrow too, and we need to get her to the airport. I checked out my 'Roadside America' app, and we found that the world's largest log cabin was on our way to camp, and it has been turned into a country bar! When we saw they had karaoke, we knew it was going to be a long night...

Every single person in that bar was amazing. Mike, the bartender, was in his late 30's and had just purchased 40 acres to plant and live off of. Sylver, a middle aged cowboy, had Kelley and I dancing the 2 step and singing duets with him. Jenny had a mandela tattooed on her head, and sang like an angel. I also gained a knew Facebook friend in Veronica, the young Native American girl that was there with her mom, and pouring out her heart in song. It was a lot like being at the Spare Room, back when I worked there. Young, old, race, religion...none of it mattered. We all just wanted to be on stage for a minute and feel like a star. It was the perfect way to end a magical day.