Day 6 - Pit Stop in the Desert

I never thought I would say this, but I love the desert. Waking up to the warm, but breezy plains started the day with a super peaceful vibe. We had a lazy morning of shopping for the perfect turquoise rings (accomplished!) and checking out roadside attractions. The old graveyards were really beautiful, and the vastness of the land has an immediate tranquility that takes over. We met some cool characters in Quartsville while we were buying our guy grew up in Brooklyn! I love it that we have the time to stop and get to know a little about someone and what their travels have been.

I got a call as we were about to get on the road from my brother, Pat. His Indy car team was racing in Phoenix, so he got us pit passes and we spent the evening watching fast cars make fast turns for 250 laps. They placed 10th! It was a good day for them, since they are working out how to run a new style engine. Clem got to enjoy her first race because of a small fib that I needed her to detect if I was going to have a, don't tell anyone at the Arizona Speedway that it's not true! She was a perfect little spectator, and was turning tough guys into baby-talking sweethearts all day. She can draw a smile out of just about anyone.

Beyond seeing the race, it was great I got to spend time with Pat. I had planned on trying to see him in Houston, but he was going to be flying out to Indiana before I could get there. I think dad made sure we would meet up. Pat needed to look at the van so that there would be peace of mind across my family and friends. He gave Odin (Have I mentioned the van's name is Odin? Look it's a fitting name.) an almost perfect bill of health, and I just have to get one small thing fixed before I leave Flagstaff a couple of days from now. So the brother gasket that was blown, is now fully repaired! I felt pretty cool having my own pit crew to check in with, and now I feel even better hitting the road to Sedona tomorrow!